outing after Christmas (making) maddness!

Momosan shop, picture taken by Moritz Steiger

Phew... last week I had the last firing of this year. All the rest of Christmas orders was in it and I was very nervous if anything goes wrong. Surprisingly the result was one of the most successful ones and I was so relieved.
So this week I was running around to deliver and send them off. Also finally after 3 months of intensive making I managed to get out of the studio in Hackney and saw some nice things!

graphicsrca: fifty years. It's showing the work of their graphic design graduates since they set up the course. Some people might spot famous designers now but I couldn't tell anybody but a few friends... Instead, I found a few pieces I loved, which was one of the typography experiments. It really made me want to do more experiment in my work! The exhibition finishes soon so please don't miss it.
And Julio Le Parc at Serpentine Sackler gallery. His work might not be strikingly new nor complex but it's very enjoyable. Basically it's kinetic work using light, so movement, reflection and sound materials make is the big part of the work. For me the methodical drawings at the back was very inspiring. I should go back to drawings!

And, still (since summer) a part of the shop attached to the gallery is Momosan shop who recently moved her base from Kingsland road to our neighbourhood. The new Momosan shop is in Wilton Way and looks even greater with more exciting stuff. I love hearing her story where she's found these beautiful objects.
In the same street there is another beautiful shop J.Glinert, and farther down Violet: the cake shop. The street has become a lot prettier. 

Hope you're enjoying Chritsmas shopping rather than being stressed out!

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