I came back to London with a suitcase filled with Carmarthen Ham, Carmarthen cheese, Welsh cake and Bara Brith.
The setting up was very smooth and the gallery staff was very helpful. Between the work Meg and Chris took us to Llandstephan which is a very beautiful lovely village near Carmarthen. It was a beautiful day unlike Wales and I had a good view of the area. The graceful curve of the hills and beautiful clear blue sea... It was a different aspect of the coast from the seaside town I grew up. It was a great treat!

The exhibition is on from 27th Fri to 3rd April. They show the work by 12 craft makers/artists. It is a lovely display. Please don't miss it!

カマーゼンから帰ってきました。作品を詰めていったスーツケースには食料が詰まって戻ってきました。ウェールズは牛肉や乳製品の質に定評があるらしく、とりあえず地元のベーコンやハムとチーズ、Welsh cake(これはレーズンスコーンをつぶしたような感じのものです。でも、すごく甘い!)とBara Brith(見た目はドライフルーツのパウンドケーキみたいです。まだ味はみていません。)を持って帰ってきました。
ディスプレーの設置自体はスムーズに終わったのですが、マップを作るのに時間がかかりました。仕事の合間、MegとChrisとギャラリーのスタッフが、Llandstephanという近くの村に連れて行ってくれました。River Tywiの河口にあるかわいい村です。ずっと天気の悪いwalesですが、その時は快晴(晴れ女の実力発揮!)で、私たちは浜辺に降りて、海や向こう岸の景色を眺めたり、背後のお城を仰いだりしました。ChrisがCarmarthenの歴史も話してくれて(ローマ時代にまで遡ります)、ずっとロンドンにいた私にはすごくいいリフレッシュになりました。


  1. This is the little coastal estuary village of Llansteffan, 8 miles south down the Towy River - a beautiful place with long sandy beaches that wend their way down the estuary. Llansteffan has a magnificent castle, originating from 1178 and is opposite the other estuary village of Ferryside, so called because there used to be a ferry that went from Llansteffan to Ferryside, where there is a train station. On the train from Llanelli to Carmarthen you travel around the estuary points of 3 rivers the Gwendraeth, Lloughor and the Towy, it is one of the most beautiful train journeys in the UK and Wales. We are very happy Mizuyo to have shown you this wonderful place - and it is a real joy to have your work at The Reap & Sew exhibition at Oriel Myrddin, your little ceramic town and houses are so beautiful. Thank you - we so enjoyed having you come install it and your visit. :) x

  2. Thank YOU for the warm welcome! I enjoyed the trip and working with you so much!