oriel myrddin gallery

The show has been on for a while and finishes on 3rd April. I hope you find some time to go and see it.
One of many good things coming out of this show is that I heard from Julie Goodwin who kindly accepted me as an assistant when I just started learning ceramics 8 years ago. She is very organised and thoughtful and is the person who inspired me to work in ceramics. I was very happy to work with her although I'm not sure how much helpful I was then without much skills and knowledge about the discipline...
I was having hard time to get used to living in London far away from my friends and my family not speaking English well. And it helped me to forget all the struggles when working in ceramics. Julie helped me a lot by offering more opportunity to work in clay. I have been very lucky to meet people who helps and encourages me to carry on. And I'm hoping my work to make people happy in return.

ショーが始まってから暫く経ちます。一つ良いことは8年前にアシスタントとして働かせてくれたJulie Goodwinがメールをくれたことです。Julieはステキな作品を作る陶芸家でとても忙しかったのですが、知識も技術もなかった私を使ってくれて、良かったのかどうか、、、でも、私にとってはすごく勉強になりました。5、6年前にウェールズに移ったのですが、エキシビジョンから私がまだ(!)ロンドンで陶芸をしていることを知って、連絡をくれました。すごく嬉しかったです。


  1. Your town in the picture is sooooooooo cute!!

    I am sure your work makes people happy!!!

    Good luck & see you soon.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment!
    How's your project going on? Let's catch up soon!