vietnamese noodle: pho

I made pho today.
In Hackney where I live, a lot of Southeastern ~ Eastern Asian people live and there are some shops and restaurants of their countries, And it is very easy to get ingredients to make pho. Pho is very easy and healthy dish and the one i often make when I don't feel like cooking.
Today I made it just because I wanted to eat it since this morning and bought herb called ngo gai. I saw this herb in a Vietnamese restaurant for the first time and assumed it's Asian herb but it seems its origin is South America. I put it too much because I love it but I'm feeling a little dizzy...

今日は朝から食べたい気持ちだったので、しそに加えngo gaiというハーブも買ってきました。ngo gaiはベトナム料理で初めて見たハーブでしたが、南米が起源だったようですね。私のお気に入りのハーブです。(それが故に、麺に対して載せすぎの傾向でしたが、今、頭がくらくらしているのは関係ないですよね、、、。)

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