full of love

I just came back from a lovely talk between Terunobu Fujimori (the architect who built beetle house for the current exhibition in V&A) and Richard Wentworth.

It was not precisely a talk between the two, first Fujimori showed pictures talking about his practice to us and then Wentworth responded with pictures he took corresponding to Fujimori's practice.
The woman who translated between them was absolutely fantastic even though it wasn't her main occupation.
What was the funniest in the talk for me was when Fujimori showed one of his buildings called 'Nira (leek) house' (please google 'leek house'), Wentworth got really interested in it and asked why he planted leek on the roof. So the architect answered that he thought like our skin the building should have something coming out of its skin. And when the artist said "I've got leak in roof too...." we realised of another joke there...
There was full of love and humour in his works and their pictures and I felt really warm after the talk. I went home thinking what I would make if I respond to this talk...?
It was a really really lovely evening.

先ほど、藤森照信氏とRichard Wentworth氏の対談を聞きに行ってきました。


  1. Lovely post to read and link. Thank you for sharing. I used to live in London for a while and DO miss this sort of event. Glad you had a great time. xm

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, London is a great place that these things are so accessible. I try to have food for thought as much as I can too... ;D