I just managed to see Jerwood contemporary makers exhibition.
I wasn't particularly fond of the display but found some interesting pieces. I really admired jewelry by Nora Fok.
The picture was taken at Borough market I stopped by on the way back (of course). The ladybird was sleeping in parsley. I hope she was enjoying the smell too.
The insect seems to have many associations in different cultures. We call it 'Tento-musi'. 'Tento' means Sun God, 'musi' means insect. It's because they climb up and fly towards the sun. It's a similar thinking with 'ladybird' too but you think there is 'the Lady' up there...
We worship nature and think there is God in everything so everything is precious. We especially look up to the sun. So we have expressions such as "The Sun (god) can see anything." and "I can't face the Sun (god)." (The word god is in brackets because we don't really say it.) Anyway the ladybird have blessed association also in Japan.

今日はJerwood spaceに作家さんのエキシビジョンを見に行きました。本当にステキなモノばかりでしたが、ディスプレイが今回はあまりよくありませんでした。
帰りがてら、もちろんBorough marketに寄って、パンを買いました。野菜コーナーも見ていたら、てんとう虫がパセリーの中で寝ているのを見つけました。
てんとう虫は私も大好きなのですが、個人的にいつも悲しい話を思い出してしまいます。それは手塚治虫の『火の鳥 鳳凰編』です。あらすじを簡単に書こうと思いましたが、どうしてもうまく書き表せそうにないので、機会がありましたら、読んでみてください。

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