ottolenghi morning

Today was the day I had been waiting for so long...! I had Ottolenghi cookery lesson.
We teamed up in pairs and made 5 menus including dessert in about 2 hours. There wasn't demonstration but if we asked, Sami and other chefs showed us secret techniques of crushing garlic, taking out pomegranate and so on.
The class was very smooth as we didn't have to do washing up and measuring ingredients, but if we did it would have been quite chaotic as we used so many herbs and spices. We just chopped, sliced, crushed, whisked, mixed and cooked.
We avoided disaster, which is good. There were couple of minor mistakes but it didn't matter. The food was superb and it's always amazing to know how harmonious their unusual combinations are. I fell in love with their food again!!


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