Every day is a good day

the photo was taken last year...

I went to Kettle's Yard in Cambridge today. This is my 5th visit in my 10 years in UK and it is my favourite place. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great for photo shooting so the picture is from the last year...
I love the house; the atmosphere, colours, comforts and little installation with pebbles... I just love everything... almost.
After coming back from Cambridge the first thing I did was to hide a big TV set in my room. It was occupying although I hardly watch it. Now the room looks more comfortable. I'm very happy.
I was just in time for John Cage exhibition.

今日はケンブリッジのKettle's Yardに行ってきました。
Tateの初代キュレーターJim Edeと奥さんのHelenが住んだ家で、もともとあった建物を彼らの理想に近づけて作った家です。生活の一部としてアート作品が飾られていているのですが、全てが調和していて気持ちのいい空間なのです。癒されます。


  1. Love the post title :) I've heard about the place lots but never visited. Would love to go one day. Thank you for sharing the info.
    P.S. I don't like TV in my sight either. They are killers of home deco! xm

  2. Yes I'm sure you'll love it. Please go there when the weather's good.

    p.s I also felt like being lazy just because I have the TV...