japan relief

Today we had a stall to raise donation for the victims of the earthquake in Japan.
In the last week I was talking with my friend Tomoko how terrible what's happening in Japan and we were feeling really helpless. Then she was thinking to stand in the market which is held every saturday in our area asking for donation. I wasn't sure if we could raise much money that way. I thought of having a stall of lottery to get a piece of artwork or some sort. Then she said we could just sell things so we did.
It wasn't as simple as that actually because of a law of selling on the streets but Arno the cafe manager of La Bouche and the market organiser sorted things out for us.
We gathered almost anything from our friends and their friends to sell at the stall. Our collection varied from a toy to a car.
It was like a charity shop and people bought a lot of things and donated to us along with kind, heart-warming messages. The band in the market played for donation to us. It was very generous and thoughtfull of them. We were very touched.
It was a great day to feel the warmth of sunshine and peoples' hearts supporting us. I will never forget today in my life and this memory will keep me carry on.
We raised a lot more than we expected. Thank you SO SO much.
(We'll have a stall in Hackney City Farm tomorrow and again in the school yard at the north end of Broadway Market on the next Saturday. The money we raised will go to Japanese Red Cross, Doctors without borders and Civic Force.)

今日は近くのBroadway marketでチャリティーのためのストールを構えました。
本当は人出の多いマーケットの中で開く予定だったのですが、ライセンスの関係でそれは無理だということが朝になってわかりました。La Boucheというカフェのマネージャーさんがいろいろ取りはからってくれて、結局はマーケットの続きで小学校の校庭内のテーブルを二つ頂きました。


  1. きっとミズヨちゃん達の心も伝わったんだよ〜。

  2. こちらの人もホントにみんな応援してくれているんだよ。がんばろう!!