tarte tatin 2011

It was lovely on Friday in London. I finished work a bit early and joined my neighbours’ drink in a park. It is so lovely to have parks in the city. I like the way people here enjoys as much of sunshine as they can as if it is the last day of summery sunshine. Yes definitely winter is on its way!!

The discovery apple had been in nearly a month ago in farmer's market. For me this is a sign of new apple season. I'm so excited! I also found a new kind called 'Jazz' in supermarkets this year. It comes from New Zealand and tastes really good. I'm aware of food miles but when it comes to taste I can easily forget about it... Hmm... that's not good...? Anyway I made the first tarte tatin of this year today.



  1. Try Bramley apples - they are special apples for cooking. You must cook them though - すっぱいから!

  2. Thank you, gai ninjaさん
    I tried it once but it got sloppy before suger gets caramelised... But I use it for other apple cakes and sweets! very very すっぱいne.