London Fields

Today I went out to show a few local shops to my friend who came from Japan last Friday also to get some bread for ourselves and another friend. e5 BAKEHOUSE is the nearest bakery I can get sourdough breads. Their bakery/shop is under the railway arch near London Fields. They have 6-7 varieties and a few pasteries. They have a few tables and serve coffees as well. My favourite is a Russian style with lots of coriander seeds. 

The next to the bakery is a cafe happy kitchen. I love their lovely handmade atmosphere. The tables are made from (maybe) smoothed scaffolding timbers, some of their chairs are furnished with hemp coffee bags and their sign is made with cardboard. I can see so much love into this space. 

今日は味佳ちゃんと散歩がてら、近所のベーカリーに行きました。こちらの電車の高架下は(ブリックでできているので)アーチ型になっているのです。e5 BAKEHOUSEはそういうスペースの一つで、数種類のサワドウを焼いています。私のオススメはロシアンスタイルのコリアンダーの種が入ったもの。バターを塗ってチーズと食べても甘いジャムを塗って食べてもおいしいです。
ほぼその隣にあるのが、happy kitchenというカフェ。手作り感たっぷりの内装がとても優しくてかわいくて、ゆったりと時間を過ごしてみたいスペースです。

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