lentil and squash soup

Today's soup: lentil and squash.
Stir red onion well until it gets soft and sweet, add garlic and bacon. When bacon is done add stock, squash and lentils. Add bay leaves, coriander and cinnamon and cook it until they get on well each other. Just before finish add red wine vinegar and have it with creme fraiche!
We Japanese also have a lot of bean dishes, but what you may be shocked to know is that we cook it with A LOT of sugar. It is not sweets but a proper side dish. Actually it's not only to do with beans. We cook fish, vegetable, meat... anything with sugar and soy sauce (and fish stock sometimes). It is a very traditional way of cooking called 'nimono'. I hope you get a chance to try some one day!



  1. Hi Mizuyo,
    I recently came cross with seeds ( grain? ) called amaranth.
    If you know what it is, could you tell me how you cook it?

  2. Hi Taja san
    Amaranth?? I've never heard... it looks like quinoa.
    Hmm I would check it in the internet how to eat it.