a little break

I was nearly finishing Christmas orders before the Open Studio... but the last firing was a total disaster.
It was the worst firing I ever had in my ceramics career! One of the clay I mixed into the original was unknown but I was assuming it would be OK. I have a few bags of clay I got from my friends who are ceramicists and sculptors. The unknown clay was one of those and it caused bubbles and cracks in the body after high temperature firing and it looks really ugly.
This is when you think "Enough!" with ceramics. There are so many happenings in the firing even though you spend so much time constructing it. Well, in this case I shouldn't have used the funny clay but even though you know what you're using there are so many faults that stay mysterious forever.
Anyway what I did was to eat a bar of chocolate to calm down myself and apologise to those who are expecting their orders. Then I started making another batch and hopefully I will get them done very soon...!
By the way the cup in the picture is my best favourite I got at Matsumoto (Please check my old post.) It is thrown in porcelain and curved with sculpting knife. It is a very common decorating technique called 'shinogi' in Japan but her pattern is done really really beautifully and I can't help admiring it. 


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