curry udon

This is my lunch on a cold day: curry udon.
Udon is thick noodle made from wheat. It's chewy but somehow we don't really chew it. If you have been to noodle restaurants in Japan, you might have got surprised how vulgar we are to slurp it. It is because we taste it with throat. (although I'm not so good at it...) As it goes into stomach in a second it makes you warm from inside. When it gets too cold I feel like udon often.
This time I had it with curry soup. We mix the original soup stock with curry. Curry is very popular dish also in Japan and it came via England not directly from India. We adapted it to our original dish and this is one of such dishes. 
I put pork, spring onion, cabbage and runner beans into the soup. It is really lovely to have it when there's snow outside.


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