ceramic art london 2012

It is nice always when I feel spring. When I see more squirrels, tiny leaves in a tree and spring flowers.
It was a beautiful day today. I started off with yoga session and then went to a bike shop to pick up my mine. It needed a lot of TLC and came back with a new basket in front. Now I can carry more food!

Then I went to see Ceramic Art London. My new discovery was Stephanie Quayle.  Her animal sculpture is like 3D drawing with strong brush strokes. So confident with clay. I really admire her work.
Although, my favourite in the show was Susan O'Byrne still. She has more of small sculptures this year and more patterns on the surface, which made her sculpture more attractive. I wish I could have one of her work someday...
It was a really inspiring and encouraging show as I also met some people I know (not only in exhibitors but in visitors as well) and had a lovely chat. 
I really hope something comes out from what I've been experimenting in the studio! 

午後はCeramic Art Londonという陶芸作家さんたちの展示会を見に行きました。一堂にいろんな人の作品を見れるので、本当に楽しいです。いつもヒントになるようなものはあるかな?と意気込んで出かけるのですが、結局はほぼお客さん目線で、かわいいとか、部屋に飾れたらいいな、、、などと思って見ています。

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