samphire and salmon

I love salmon. This hasn't changed after coming to this country. (I used to love LOVE tomatoes but not now in this country, unfortunately...)
My father used to say that I must have been a bear in my previous life as I love it so much. He had a patient in Hokkaido where they can catch loads of salmon and we used to receive a whole one fish as a yearly gift every year from the man. That's when I would go crazy. The salmon was just so tasty and so different from the one we get from the local fishmonger. 
Our salmon in Japan is also lovely but it is skinnier and has different smell of our sea. Here, I always try to get one from Steve Hatt and choose fillets with plenty of fat... I know it's bit naughty but it reminds me of the salmon we used to receive.
The best way to have it for me is either make sashimi or simple pan-fly with salt from samphire. Yum!


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