The breakfast today. Sardine, stir-fried vegetables and natto.
It has been a week since I started shifting my diet to a healthy one. 
The first good thing I did was to give away half left of mcvities to my friend. I always had some biscuits in my studio for a snack (5 a day). I thought I would miss it so much but I am OK... so far...
Another thing is to have some organic brown short rice. I mix it with Japanese white rice half and half. Ideally I'd like to have brown only, but Japanese brown rice is so costy at the moment but I need gluey rice. I already feel that my skin feels a bit better.
One more thing is to try to have natto. Natto is fermented soybeans. It would taste quite horrible for those who doesn't have this food culture. Actually I myself didn't like it before for its smell and texture, but now I feel home Japan when eating it and am trying to eat more for my health.

お米も玄米を摂るようにしました。本来なら玄米だけにしたいところなのですが、日本産のものはとても高いし、アメリカ産の日本米玄米は農薬が怖いのです。オーガニックのbrown short riceは粘り気がないので、白米と混ぜて炊いています。それでも、何となく肌の調子が良くなった気がします。



  1. The Japanese brown rice is my favorite too. The short ones with thin brown skin. What you have here would be ideal breakfast for me as well

  2. Would you like to come over here for Easter??