This week I made it to Tate Modern to see the two new exhibitions: Yayoi Kusama and Alighiero Boetti. The two was such different ways of seeing the world. I wondered what makes us.
Anyway one thing I know about myself: I love food!
I tried slaw for breakfast. Red cabbage, fennel, celery, carrot, apple, walnut and Devon blue all thinly sliced or grated. For dressing, red wine vinegar 2tbsp, olive oil 3tbsp, half lemon juice, pomegranate molasses 2tsp, whole grain mustard 2tsp.
In Japan fennel is more common in the form of herb or spice. Now I love the bulb too. I use it mostly in salad but if you know any other way to eat it, please let me know.


  1. You can stir-fry fennel and eat it as a vegetable with fish or pasta

  2. Thank you, Linda for letting me know! How about seasonings? Just salt and pepper?