london fog

It was a bit unusual to have fog in this season. 
I love it when everything looks so mysterious and calm, sometimes a bit scary as I feel like being in Sherlock Holmes I used to read.

Recently I have been feeling a little tired although I'm not doing anything special. My friends and studiomates seem to be feeling ennui too. We think it's to do with the season even though we don't have scientific explanation for it. How are you feeling lately?
To give myself some energy I had Kimchi soup and Nira-tama. Kimchi is Korean pickles with lots of garlic an chilli. I wouldn't recommend you to have it for breakfast or lunch, especially when you have a plan of meeting friends afterwards. It gives you a kick with the taste but also good for your health. Nira-tama is a popular dish of scramble egg with nira. Nira is called garlic chive in English and has sweet garlic flavour. I get it from Chinese groceries especially when I make dumplings. This time I just stir-fried nira and add a bit of sake (rice wine), s&p and sesame seeds then add eggs and scrabled them.
I hope to be more concentrated tomorrow as I'm working back in porcelain for the new bowls.

それでも、集中力をきらすと落としたり割ったりしてしまう仕事柄、喝を入れるためのキムチスープとニラ玉を作りました。ニラは中華食材屋さんで手に入れます。英語で言うとgarlic chiveなのですが、最近はスーパーでmicro leaf(苗の状態、貝割れ大根のような感じで)として売っているのも見つけ、サラダなどに使っています。

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