This is a proper Japanese breakfast... 
The other day keen blog followers of mine said to me that they were surprised to know that I eat fish for breakfast. I felt the same when I saw bacon and sausage on a plate here. (Why not only sausage or bacon? Aren't they similar thing made from pork?) It is culture and something so natural to us until somebody from other culture points out. (Although, even he points out we can't explain why...) I love finding these little things while living in another culture.

The one dish maybe you haven't seen in my blog is the black stuff on the right hand side. It is a kind of seaweed: Hijiki. I cooked it with a few vegetables in fish stock, sugar and soy sauce. This is the orthodox cooking method. 
We have a lot of dried food: seaweeds, vegetables and seafood... This is not only for preservation but also for taste. It brings out its sweetness maximum. For me it is very convenient as I can bring back a lot from Japan!

ちなみにイギリスのベタな朝ご飯(full breakfast)はベーコン、ソーセージ、マッシュルーム、トマト、目玉焼きを全てフライパンで焼いて、温めたbaked beansを添えたものとトーストです。ヨーロッパの人から見ても、かなりヘビーな朝ご飯だそうです。


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