I just came back from Soho. My tutor kindly invited me to dinner at Koya which is a lovely Udon noodle restaurant on Frith street. I loved it! The quality of the noodle is superb. I would recommend it to anybody who hasn't tried them.
Today I'll start a new series of posts about Japanese kitchen tools. There are a few items that I brought from Japan as they are necessary for my cooking. They are something I can't find their alternatives here or something I can't feel comfortable using the same/similar thing here. 

Tenugui is a hand towel or big handkerchief made from cotton. There were more other ways to use it in old days but I use it mainly in kitchen as a tea towel, a sieve, a salad dryer and so on. It is very handy as being easy to keep it clean for its large mesh and no stitch. It is also enjoyable to use them as there are so many designs.


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