Stir-fried kale and quinoa with sugarsnap peas in tomato sauce.

I can't believe it's already a year since the tsunami in Japan. I thought of the people who experienced it, who struggled since then, who lost their loved ones. I wonder what they thought today... I hope they are seeing more positive future now... 

I had a small project this weekend: to make a camera cover. 
I had a pair of gloves I wore over the last two winters. They are designed by Hikaru Noguchi and are of fine quality but their finger bits have worn out because I cycle wearing them. As they are still in good condition (apart from finger bits) I couldn't throw them away. I had been thinking what to do with them.
I have a digital SLR and have been a little annoyed with its cover as it drops off when it gets knocked (Well, actually I've had the same problem since I got an analog one when I was 20.). Then the other day I found out the arm bit of my favourite gloves fit to the lens perfectly. So it's got transformed into this (below) last night. 
I took it to a flower's market today and found out it works well as cushion too whereas the bare lens used to hit people in a crowd. 


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