ginger crunch

I tried a sweets recipe from Modern Pantry. The classic from New Zealand: Ginger crunch.
The book tells me to use ginger powder which I thought I had but couldn't find. So I used the real ginger. Also, I added desiccated coconut and walnut to give it another dimension. I love it! It's on page 228.

Also I went to an exhibition in a house near Spitalfields market. They had witty and funny prints and paintings by Paul Bommer. Most of the 'Delft' tiles were sold. I should have gone there earlier... (but the weather had been too horrible to go out!) They are not done in ceramics but the crackles he made on their surface was so good that I couldn't tell they are actually wood panels for a while. (Shame on me!) I just found his blog... I'm gonna be a follower now.


それから、Spitalfields marketの近くの一軒家でのイラストレーターPaul Bommerの展示会を見に行ってきました。ユーモアのある絵を描く人で、そこではプリントや「デルフト」タイルシリーズの作品を見てきました。「デルフト」とはいうものの、実際は木のパネルにアクリルで描かれたもので、ひび割れて薄汚れている感じもすごく良くて、しばらくはそうとは気付かずにいたほどです。タイルのモチーフになっているのは東ロンドン。エリアならではのものを、過去も現在も織り交ぜて、描いています。

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