rhubarb compote

I'm having mixed feelings about the weather at the moment. It is great to have some moisture in the air for my making, but it is not easy to go far out when we have occasional heavy rains, especially for a cyclist.

I spent the morning in the kitchen on Mayday bank holiday. 
I started from making rhubarb compote with white wine and lemon, then moved on to revising ginger crunch recipe. The original recipe from the book was a bit sweet for me, so I'm hoping to make my own. It's not complete yet, I still need to work on the syrup. 
The lunch was pasta with salmon and french bean cream sauce. Of course I had yoghurt and rhubarb compote for the dessert.  

The last week I was looking for presents for my mum, nephew and niece. This coming weekend is Mother's day in Japan and my niece's 2-years-birthday is approaching. I had been searching for something special for so long but most of things is better in Japan (and cheaper!) and it is so hard to find something worth sending over from here... (no offence!)
Then I got these lovely picture books by Chris Haughton. His first book 'A bit lost' was the best seller last year and recently he published the second one 'Oh No, George!'. They're really lovely pictures and stories and so joyful to look at. I'm very happy... now what shall I get for my mum?

今日はMayday bank holiday、台所で午前中を過ごしました。


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