Sunday lunch: pan-fried cod fillets with sweet sour sauce, renkon kinpira and broccoli with sesame dressing. 
Renkon is lotus root. I get it from Chinese groceries. Kinpira is one of our cooking style. We cut vegetables into thin slices and stir-fly it until it's almost done and then after adding sugar and soy sauce to it you continue until the sauce is gone. It sounds easy but it is very crucial to get the slices in the same size and thickness so that they are all evenly cooked. For that, of course, you need sharp quality Japanese knives! 
Sesame dressing was so popular at yakitori on Friday. So I'll leave the recipe here. Please try it if you like a change. 
4tbsp sesame roasted and grinded, 2tbsp sugar, 3-4tbsp mayonnaise, 2 tbsp ponzu (soy sauce with citrus juice, alternatively use 1 tbsp soysauce and 1 tbsp white wine vinegar and some drops of lemon juice), 3tbsp milk (or soya milk).



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