carpaccio de tomates

Today's dinner: carpaccio of tomatoes and edamame.
My mum would sometimes introduce a new dish to our home table. Carpaccio was one of those I don't know where she got to know... First when it appeared on the table it was just simple one with sea bream but then she started carpaccio-ing everything. In the end it was almost salad with pile of vegetables... It was like this (the blog a few years ago)...
This time I chopped all sorts of tomatoes I got from Maltby street market and served it on a plate with sprinkle of salt and basil. Meanwhile I heated olive oil in a small sauce pan and fried slices of garlic (a clove). When the garlic is golden crisply I poured the oil onto the tomatoes. The smell of garlic makes you hungry even when you don't feel like eating on a boiling hot summer's day. 


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