Today we had picnic in a park. My old neighbours came back in London for the weekend before flying to Japan. The little girl Umi who was just starting to walk 5 months ago now knows how to carry things. Amazing...!
I made bento box with rice balls, salad and asparagus rolled in bacon which is Taeko's favourite. The girls were very happy to have rice balls and I was also so happy to know that they have Japanese palette!
By the way, rice ball: Onigiri, Omusubi is a typical bento content. We make balls with freshly cooked rice. What you do is to wet your hands and put some salt on your palm then rice. You kind of press the rice into a triangle shape (in my case) in your palms. You want to keep the rice ball in a good shape but you don't want to squeeze the rice. You need right strength to make good rice balls. And it always remind me of mum as she would make ones when I went travelling.


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