collect 2012

After so many unpleasant days, finally, it looks like we can enjoy the sun!? We went to Hampstead Heath which is my favourite park on a sunny day. To show it to our friend who'd never been there we walked in the park from south west end to Kenwood House and then down to Parliament Hill. It was a good walk. I had muscle pain on the next day. The park was very beautiful with young leaves and Azaleas. In Japan we eat buds from wild trees and wild grasses (of course the ones that tastes lovely) and I realised I have the Japanese tendency to look for it when looking greens. 

Today I went to see Collect at Saatchi gallery. It was very inspirational to see such quality crafts. My best favourite was ceramics by Lut Laleman, an Belgium maker. She makes vessels from thin coils in porcelain which creates lovely patterns and textures. It is such a fine work with patience and delicate touching. The porcelain dries very quickly especially when it's so fine I wonder how she manages to make ones. Another favourite was vessels by Yoshiro Kimura. A Japanese gallery had two of his vases and the blue glaze on them was just gorgeous. It is a rare opportunity that we can see such lovely works so many at once. The show is on till Monday.

I love finding beautiful little streets.

風の強い金曜日には友人をPrimrose Hill, Hampstead Heathに連れて行きました。カムデンの北にあり、小高くなっているので、ロンドンを一望することができます。Hampstead Heathはとても広い公園で、森があり、池があり、いつ歩いても季節を楽しむことができます。今はツツジがこんもり咲き溢れていました。日本のツツジとは手入れの仕方が違うからか、公園の中のものは大木で、満開の枝はしなっていました。きれいな公園を歩いていても、どうしても、つぼみや野草をチェックしてしまう私。どこまで食いしん坊なんでしょう。


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