the last degree show of harrow ceramics

This week was very short and I was busy with organising things in the short period. But all is done now and I'm looking forward to the weekend.
Thursday evening I went to the last degree show of ceramics department in University of Westminster. They got a space just off Brick Lane in East London and made a great show. The private view was very successful and I was tired from helping in the bar opening new bottles every minute!
The show is on until 10th Sun. Please go and have a look at their all effort in three-six years! 
There have been also another show in Central London coinciding with the closure of the department: Tradition and Innovation, Five decades of Harrow Ceramics at Contemporary Applied Arts. This show is open till tomorrow! So please don't miss it if you haven't seen it. They have lovely display of works in ceramics by great potters/ceramic artists. It is quite inspiring to see what clay can be!

By the way, the picture is from my degree show at Harrow 4 years ago. Personally, I struggled with the course there but enjoyed meeting ceramic people and great teachers! Thank you so much and well done to all who shared your knowledge!



  1. westminsterの陶芸科がなくなる危機の話は、あのペリーさんも先導に立って抗議し、大切さを訴えていた記事を昨年見ましたが、やっぱり終了なんだ。とても残念です。私の卒業する学校は、小さいカレッジですが陶芸科の設備は立派なので、この4年後なくなる可能性がほぼ確定という話を聞くと、寂しいものです。

  2. makikoさんのところも近々閉まってしまうんですか?学べるところがだんだん少なくなっていきますね。生徒数が減ってきている上に設備にお金がかかるのが理由のようで、、、。だからこそ、陶芸の魅力が伝わるものを作りたいと思うんですけど、力不足で残念です。