lime leaf

Dinner one day: chicken and aubergine green curry.
After Japanese curry, the second favourite one is Thai green curry. I used fresh turmeric instead of powder this time, which made the curry a bit bitter than I thought. So I balanced it with honey. Among all the spices and herbs the must for me is lime leaf. The leaf has very unique flavour and gives dramatic change to the dish. The leaf also reminds me of a Japanese spice that costs me a lot if I get it here: sansyo. I use the leaf as a alternative to it to make a Japanese dish here too.

十種類以上のスパイスやハーブを使うのですが、全て目分量、配合にこだわりはありません。が、一つだけ。lime leafを大量に入れます。lime leafは山椒に似ていて、大好きな香りなのです。肉そぼろを作る時にも一緒に煮たりします。日本では山椒の方が手に入りやすいと思うので、是非、カレーに肉そぼろに混ぜてみてください。


  1. I was curious to know if lime leaf is just the leaf from a lime tree? I am not familiar to this in foods, but sounds interesting. The foods you make look delicious.

    1. Thank you Julie. How did you find me?? My studio mate loves your work and has been telling me to check your blog! The 'lime leaf' is apparently not from that lime. In South Asia there's a different kind...