tidying up and looking back

I started tidying up my space in the studio for Open Studio in 2 weeks time.
I've got a lot of practise-related books, magazines and files, which has been taking up good shelves. And I started it from organising these shelves.
I'll have to keep the books, will try to make a scrapbook from the old magazines and get rid of the rest if that's the best way. I started scanning paper documents, which reminded me of my London beginner's life style. 
I didn't have my own computer. I would use one in easyinternet cafes and libraries. I used to download Japanese writing software every time I began a session.
I started to cycle from the second year in West London. My landlady was a channel swimmer and her friend in Serpentine swimming club gave me one of his bikes which had been my favourite for long time until it's got stolen later on in East. It was still rough and scary around here and cycling was the best way to be away from strange people. I'm looking back only 9 years ago but am surprised how much the area has changed since then.
Now it's about a month away from the games and the area's busy with getting ready for it.

しばらくして、スタジオを見つけたためにイーストに移ってきたのですが、当時の今のエリアはまだまだ荒くて、自転車に乗っていたから避けられた危険は多かったと思います。近くのLondon Fieldも当時は街灯もなくて、日が暮れると本当に怖かったですし、事件もよく耳にしました。私も変な事件に巻き込まれないように、汚い格好を心がけました。でも、そのお気に入りの自転車もこちらで盗まれてしまいました。

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