Today's breakfast. Hijiki gohan (rice) & usual stuff.
Hijiki is one of the very popular seaweeds we eat in Japan. I cook it with sugar and soy sauce, which is very common way of cooking it, and this time I cooked rice using the sauce from the dish and mixed them together.
People here are getting aware of the benefits from these seaweeds thanks to the recent healthy food movement. And I love finding their recipes which is very new to me. Seaweeds are so easy to incorporate into dishes (in salad, with couscous / rice and in the soup etc...) and have so much health benefits having a lot of calcium, iron and fibre such as cleaning your blood, making your bones stronger etc. 
Some years ago a research test showed hijiki has high content of arsenic and we were concerned about its consumption. But I consume far less than it says as maximum intake for health safe. I love it anyways.


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