harira soup

Yesterday's dinner Harira soup. It is very easy and nutritious with lots of lentils and chick peas. 
This dish always reminds me of my trip in Morocco almost 10 years ago now. I and my friend planned a trip to see our Moroccan teacher and a few pottery places there. It was tiring as we had to negotiate throughout the journey in whatever we did but we had so much more fun.
The sky at night with beautiful and bright stars in Ouarzazate and the whole view during the bus journey between Ouarzazate and Zagora. It was so beautiful when we crossed the high Atlas at sunrise with Arabic music in the background. I could never forget these scenes. (and the tagines we had in 20mins break in a small town between the mountains!)
And the accident on the way back to Marrakech! The front window of our bus got hit with a small pebble from a van accidentally being flicked with its tire and the glass window got broken. I and most of the passengers were asleep and got woken up by the sound. The driver was driving as nothing had happened. After a few miles of driving, he stopped the bus to get his driving area clearer. The local passengers were sitting in their seats watching him. Nobody looked surprised. We got back to the city on the bus with the air mildly circulating all the time. We had a very clear view after that. It was really funny.
We stayed in a local family's house in exchange with the work in a pottery shop and factory in Tamegroute. We woke up really early like 6. But the women were already getting breakfast ready. We had sticky soup almost like salty porridge and then the men left for work. And then we had pancake with some kind of sauce (I don't remember what it was...). When later we joined the men at the shop and the factory they were complaining about women being lazy for having two breakfasts. It was good to know men also feel unfair about something in men-dominating society. 
Looking back this experience always makes me feel like travelling again hopefully to some countries in Asia where it's not so civilised and their local traditions is still very obvious... Maybe someday!

Anyway this soup was the first meal when we were in Marrakech.


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