cod in English style

Yesterday I got fish (cod and mackerel) from Bill who went for fishing on a boat in English channel. I made sabamiso with mackerel (for later) and baked cod in the oven with butter and herbs along with potatoes in duck fat. 
This reminded me of food we had while travelling in the countryside. We went to pubs for dinner and the menu was pretty the same everywhere, which was a bit disappointing as I would like to have nice fresh seafood in the coast style when we're so close to the sea. (And in Japan most of the fishing village has local recipes for their specialty.)
But at the same time it wasn't hugely disappointing as I don't expect good food in the countryside here as I've never had a good one! Actually I felt OK with most of the food, whereas I used to dislike almost everything.
I wonder if the food in the countryside improved or a lot of walking helped!?!?
I got pebbles and washed glasses on beaches as souvenir. I'm hoping to make something with them.

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