funny? service in japan

OK. Here is one of the downsides to 'great service' here in Japan.
This is how I came back from the shopping the other day. It looks rather compact in the picture, but the bag in the middle is bigger than A2 size and maybe about 15cm thickness.
Those are what I bought on the left. A few books, A2 size sketchbook, colour pencils, pottery tools and some food and a wine: 21 items. The bags from this shopping are on the right.
So this is wrapping waste: 15 bags. What happens is when you buy small items they give you a small bag. And then if you buy more from another shop they give you a bigger bag to put what you bought and the small bag(s) you already have. If you're carrying heavy stuff like a few heavy books or wines, they'd give you two layers of bags. If you buy small items that, they think, might get lost on the way home, they'd put them in a small paper bag and then in a plastic bag. They do it for you to make your shopping comfy but also for 'advertising' purpose too. They want you to carry their bag.
And they are so quick to wrap the item that you hardly have time to refuse the bag! (I managed to do four times this time though!)
By the way, this is what I had during the shopping: Mos Burger. I hate having Mcdonalds as you do but do love having these burgers. If you come over to Japan it's OK to enjoy our traditional food but please try this original burger too. Yum!


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