'Raku' is a fun and thrilling firing process for a lot of potters, but not for this family. It is a strict tradition of 450 years which is honourable but also is a lot of pressure.
I went to Raku museum in Kyoto. The museum is right next to Raku family house and studio. They are in 15th generation at the moment and still at it. They have a heavy connection with tea ceremony since the founder of its style Rikyu Sen commissioned Chojiro (Raku family's ancestor) to make a tea bowl. Rikyu had a very own aesthetics that now known as wabi-sabi.
The family has been passing on that aesthetics as well as its spirit and producing new tea bowls (not just simple 'new', I hope you know what I mean) that would please the tea master.
In the museum I could see some pieces from the past (even one made by Chojiro) and bits of other pieces that I discovered on this visit. I was thinking more about what it's like being born into this family. What a pressure would it be that you have to have an absolute aesthetics!


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