heaven in Japan

If you travelled to Japan you would find the country itself is the heaven. The train runs so smoothly, every corner of the city is clean, people are polite and kind (mostly), and the service you receive as a customer is the top of the tops! (But I think there's downside to it too.)
Anyway, for me the heaven in the haven is this shop: Tokyu Hands. It's like Debenhams, Cass Art, 4D model shop, B&Q and Boots altogether. Literally you can find anything here. It's full of inspirations and equipments for craft makers. They have some branches in cities here, and the one I went today is in Nagoya and is rather small. The one in Shibuya is a total knockout. The whole building of 7 floors is full of stuff!
So here's some pictures of the shop. They have so many other stuff but I can't show everything here! 
OK, the first picture is pretty much like 4D model shop. (But definitely more items here!)
Leather section. You can also find metal parts and equipments to make accessories and bags (if you're skilled. If you're not, you'll find how-to books next to it.).
One of the interesting bits for me is stationery. The one on the right is normal size for adults but the scissors and the cutter is together. Now I think you can tell the blades of the other two are too long. Apparently it's for cutting a paper in one go.
This is stamp roll to protect your identifiable information. You would put the paper rubbish into the recycling bin after hiding your name and address as such using this.
Oh, by the way, we have staplers that doesn't need needles, which is nothing surprising for us anymore!
You can also get small moss balls for your Japanesque interior.
This is necessary tools around the New Year. We have parties in offices and you have to perform something in front of your colleagues. It can be jokes, magic or traditional banquet performance! When you run out of ideas for a new performance you would come here.
Here is serious one. Nuclear floating shelter. It will protect you from tsunami and radioactivity. After the 311 almost two years ago, everybody became more aware of self-protection. Although, this is not so affordable to everyone.
 You can also get minerals and fossils from the shop if you don't like keep going back to Natural History Museum.
These are muffins for dogs. Yes they are also comfy living in this country.
This is a toy I found funny. It's called 'manner nabe (hot pot)'. You can play it in a few ways. Basically some shapes are hard to grab with chopsticks, so, by playing this game you would also practising chopsticks. I want to take it to my small friends in London.


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