wagashi: japanese sweets -1

Here is some of Japanese sweets I had so far.
I love azuki beans and sometimes buy boiled azuki in tin from Sainsbury and make 'anko': a paste made from the bean and sugar and tiny bit of salt. We use it in our sweets. In London I spread it on toast with butter. I know it's quite shocking for you to make the beans sweet, but please try if you like to taste a bit of Japan!
My anko paste is OK, I was quite happy with it most of the time, but once I have anko here I know it wasn't quite right. So I'm just ONLY trying to remind me what it should really taste like while I'm here!



  1. I have the privilege of watching my grandma made red bean paste in Chinese New Year.

  2. in Chinese new year is the bean paste for moon-something cake?? what would you use that in/with?