iga & shigaraki pottery

Today I visited a few pottery places. 
Iga pottery has been famous for producing donabe pot. In cooking donabe has to stand for the heat. The clay in Iga area has the perfect property for this. It is rough and has a lot of impurities which becomes aerated body in the firing.
The village was really beautiful and peaceful with some chimneys sticking out from random houses and old-fashioned factories. 
My family has been using donabes from here and I've been missing it a lot in London. I've been thinking of getting smaller one to take back to London but it's not easy...
The old recipe books were shown in a museum, all natural ingredients. In the page I can read straw ashes, wood ashes and some kind of stones, nothing is in chemical form... wow..!
The next to Iga was Shigaraki. This is one of big pottery areas in Japan. They have a long history since 8th century. The area has been producing pots and jugs as well as racoon sculptures which they can be more famous for. If you see a ceramic racoon sculpture with a sake bottle in his hand, it is likely to be made in this area. 
The bottles in the picture are old sake containers. We used to have one at least at home and would go to sake brewery/shop and ask top-up in our own bottle. That's why these bottles have the names of their owners (some are with their address). It was a common practise a long time ago, and, I think, would be a beautiful lifestyle if we still had it now.