diet for the sick

How terrible it is to stay in bed when you're up for working again!
I got flu in the plane coming back to London. When the woman behind me coughed I was bit scared but decided not to care too much as I had a lovely old Australian-Indian couple next to me and was enjoying the conversation with them.
However as soon as I got back in London I started having fever, cough and pains in joints. The flu nowadays is really scary! It would be a disaster if this happens to tourists who have limited time in new cities. So, I think, whoever feeling like having something infectious should do something about it when taking airplanes, at least wearing masks and such especially in a long flight! 
Anyway, I'm now well and happy to be back in clay. It's taking a while to get my throwing skill back though after 2 months break.
These are diet I had when being sick: Rice congee with umeboshi, Mashed strawberry in soya milk and sugar.

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