lovely spring outings

Oh, what a lovely week I had! 
My old friends who are now a couple with two kids flew in London. They were quite laid-back about sight-seeing, which was great. I had relaxing days off together. 
The weather was so great. The walks to and from Petersham nurseries and in the East London, the food we had, the conversation..., I enjoyed the whole experience and rediscovered the city with the lovely company who appreciate everything I've been overlooking...
I still have places I want to visit in spite of living in London for 12 years. I've decided to visit these places so that I don't need to keep thinking about it. Thankfully I will have more friends and my cousin coming over to London this year, I'm hoping to tick these places off the list!

写真はPetersham nurseriesのレストランと、flower marketの路地裏に出ていたオイスターバー。牡蠣は食べないが、このさりげなさはちょっとコワイ、、、。

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