early summer outing

I've got a newly married Japanese couple / friends visiting London. The husband is a very old friend since primary school. He lived in London for a year or so and loves the city. He checks the UK news in Japan and sometimes knows better than me what's happening here. The wife I met for the first time is also an international person having worked in Denmark and Norway and I enjoyed the conversation so much. There are things that only Japanese who lived abroad can talk and share... by having another perspective to things.
As we didn't have much foreigners on our islands we have a very unique 'common sense' that can be only shared among Japanese. And we can say we have a very rich culture for that and these things look mysterious or confusing to foreign visitors.
We went down to Maltby street, which she wanted and brought the area's business map. I was so happy to find there are more traders in further down. 
The couple was surprised with the weather here. It is much more comfortable comparing to humid and hot rainy season in Japan but is very cold... 


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