bumbu gado gado

Today's summer noodle dinner: Bumbu gado gado (-ish) & Vietnamese noodle.
I found this sauce in a spice shop. It was a very small shop but he had a huge variety of spices & spice mixes from all over the world. I wanted to try everything that I've never heard but there was so much! 
One of the spice mixes I tried was this Bumbu gado gado, an Indonesian sauce, just because I loved the sound of it. But when I tasted it in the shop I loved it even more. It was sweet and salty that reminded me of sesame sauce we have in Japan.
What you taste mainly is peanut, sugar, coconut and some spices and saltiness. The shop owner told me that they mix it with steamed/raw vegetables and also recommended me to have it with rice. 
I just improvised it into the cold noodle dish with Dongpo pork in Japanese style. Obviously it's not Indonesian cuisine anymore but... yum! Happy Sunday! 


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