crop circles in wiltshire

From tuesday this week when it's so sunny and hot we travelled to Bath through Wiltshire and back through Gloucestershire. I discovered other sides of this country. It was so fun!
With my ankle flown into London on the way to Amsterdam, we drove to the first destination Crop circle information centre. He's had a strong passion to study and introduce mysteries especially about the UFO-related stuff alongside his main job as a professor. As he reached the retirement age he now has plenty of time to concentrate on his life-long interest. 
So one of the very few things he wanted to see in this country was crop circles. I came forward as a navigator and also took my friend who's been staying here as a tourist.
On that day there were 2 circles that can be accessed. The first one was newly made a few days before rather roughly. There were a few people investigating the circle and gave us useful tips (?) such as the very middle of the circle is a power spot. I found a few coins and a banana on the spot, so left my 5p too. One woman said she came from America and was measuring the size. One guy said he feels power from the middle.
There was a van parked near the site and a girl was reading a book in the shadow of the vehicle. She said she believes those circles are 80% made by a higher intelligence but wasn't giving much information except that. Apparently she works with the farmers and was taking a few pounds off the visitors to the site. 
We couldn't find the second one as it had been made a while before and had almost disappeared.
Personally I don't care about these circles but it was great to experience walking through the field of rye, barley or wheat!

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