Last week the news about the Fukushima was so disconcerting that I didn't feel like writing. No.., actually I had so much to write about it and didn't know where to start and stop...
Our culture especially our food culture benefits so much from the sea and we shouldn't contaminate it at all how harmfull or not. We have known that from our history, yet people in the power, some of the politicians, major constructors and scientists promotes unnecessary (sometimes very useless) constructions for their own benefits. I feel like these people ruins everything even though there are SO many ordinary people trying to make things right.
Onigiri is one of the very traditional everyday food. We press freshly cooked rice into shape of triangle or ball with a bit of salt and wrap it with a sheet of seaweed we cultivate in the sea: nori. So it's such a simple food but tastes so home to me. (We make variations by adding ingredients.)  Although if we don't keep the sea clean it's very difficult to make it so nice.
The affected area by the Fukushima was a great production centre of another seaweed: wakame which is also a vital ingredient in Japanese cuisine. It's such a shame that we now have to examine its safety so frequently.



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