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Last week in London was exciting with Design Festival and Open House weekend happening at the same time. It was nice to be out of the studio (especially to West London I hardly go.) and see some nice stuff!
Here are my favourite findings:
A lovely new shop The Garage. I love their taste, well-handmade objects and the space itself! It's only a temporary place until Christmas, so make a visit while they're still there.
Ed's shed in East London. This is a house for a family of a couple and their little one, designed by David Adjaye, and I'd been wondering what it's like inside this black cube. Finally I could get in this occasion and I was surprised to find its small windows actually open. I loved the lovely view of their neightbours' garden and trees through the huge window on the top floor and the clever system to hide cocktail bar and work space, but was not impressed with the shadowy kitchen downstairs. 
The structure is timber panel. The same is this one:
52 Whitmore Road. This building was on the way to my daily exercise routine last summer and its construction was on hold for a while with just concrete base. When I was wondering what's happening, suddenly it's got piles of huge timber panels next to it and went up so quickly. For me it was the first time to see this kind of building construction, I was fascinated by it. 
When I saw the huge space inside I couldn't just get my head around it. How can they support this space without columns? They've got 3 more stories above. Apparently this timber panel building technique was invented in Austria and it's more sustainable than using concrete and steel which produces tons of carbon dioxide in the process.
And 'gap house' just off Westbourne grove. The facade is very narrow being between two houses but it's wider in the back. There used to be a garage house which came with the garden. I really loved the fact the house was built with well-thought-through to feel spacious in a small lot and to maximise the use of sunlight and to save energy. 

It was a lovely weekend to see such beautiful houses full of ideas but also to meet people who shares the same interest in the queues!

先週はDesign festivalとOpen house weekend。今年の注目はBattersea power stationで、殻を残したままアパートや商業施設に作り替える前を見る最後のチャンスとのこと。私はそれほど興味をそそられず、個人宅を主に見て回った。注目の物件などは1時間、2時間、列の中で待たされることもあるので疲れるが、待っている間に興味をシェアできる人と話すので楽しい。

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