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This weekend in London a lot of artists'/artisans' studios are open. I visited a couple of places: 'made in Clerkenwell' at craft central & Goldsmith centre and Chocolate factory. It is always inspiring to see others' studios even though they are set up for display. I love finding bits and bobs they are experimenting.
Love this beautiful desk space!
We usually have our open studio on the same weekends but this year it is on 13th Fri and 14th Sat December just because that's the weekend most of us can be at the studio. A good thing about changing the date is that I can go out to have a look at others' which I hardly could do in these years.
Don't you miss this opportunity if you're free today!
Akiko Hirai at Chocolate Factory. Every time I see her her work is evolving. A very inspiring and hard-working ceramicist I admire.
It was a lovely surprise to find Vic Lee's studio in clerkenwell. I love his prints of the streets in London. I've been always attempted to buy one of Columbia Road but now I found more appealing one: Broadway Market!!
The maker of fantastically surreal jewellery, Momoko of momocreatura was there in clerkenwell too! Her new pieces were cute and lovely but still have her style.
This is just a few picks of so many. This is why I love the city, there are so diverse and inspiring people everywhere...!

この時期になるとOpen Studioがいくつかあって、この週末はそのうちの二つを見に行ってきた。Open studioとは普段は作業場となっている作家さんのアトリエを一般公開すること。この人がこの作品を作っているの!?という意外な発見もありつつ、作家さんに直接会えたり、彼らの作業場を見る事は楽しい。
私たちもいつもはこの週末にしているのだけれども、皆の都合が合わず、今年は遅めに日時設定した。結果良かったのは、私が他のスタジオを見に行くことができること。久しぶりに陶芸作家、平井明子さんのスタジオ、Chocolate Factoryへ。彼女の作品はいつも挑戦、進歩していて尊敬する作家さんの一人。
プリントがかわいいなーと思っていたVic Leeさんのスタジオも発見。おしゃべりをしながら作業をしているその手元を見ると、なんと下書きもなくフリーハンド!作家は女性だと思っていたので、ロカビリー調の男子だったことにもびっくり。でも、そう見てみると、なるほど納得の作風。

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