Yesterday I went to an event to learn more about kintsugi. Kintsugi is a way to mend a broken piece, often ceramics. The technique was invented in Japan coincidental with tea ceremony. 
It was fascinating to see the event attracted so many people who are keen to know about it. I enjoyed the short but very intriguing lecture by Timon Screech who referred to our perception of life and death and that of Europeans. He also mentioned to Roju (one of the Elders in Edo period) who viewed two cities of the capital, old one Kyoto and the new one Edo (former Tokyo) that were very different in their character and people's mentality. It made me want to know more about that period too.
In a group there was a demonstration by a craftman Makie-shi (gold lacquer painter) . He was, surprisingly to me, a good English speaker and very funny. There will be demonstration of this superb technique at Tokyobike on Sat. Please don't miss it!


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