the making of kohiki -2

We use liquid clay called 'slip'. There are some variations of it, we adjust the recipe, consistency and colour depending on the use of it. Kohiki style has a layer of white slip under the glaze. 
The main ingredient for my slip is very fine clay called China clay. I dipped my thrown piece in one go to put layer inside and outside, but this has been causing another trouble. I assume, in my case anyway, when this fine clay seals all the surface the air gets trapped in the clay body. Although, the air needs to escape somewhere and caused bubble in the body. I acknowledged this last year but after a rather long Christmas holiday I totally forgot about it... 
At the same time I had changed the slip recipe hoping to improve the fit with the glaze, but it caused funny reaction instead. I haven't found out yet why this happened, but I had to return to the old recipe.
After all these shifts and adjustments, in the very last minute for the pop-up shop in Serpentine gallery, I got the best firing result so far. I hope you can imagine how happy I was after so many firings of such a low success rate! 
Anyway, the pop-up shop conjunct with Martino Gamper's 'Design is a state of mind' is another Momosan shop. She has been giving me critical and very open opinions, which has been helping me to challenge something new. Thank you so so much!
I hope you can make it to the shop, also, of course, to the charming exhibition! There are so much personal and fun things in there!

納品の期日もあるし、多少焦りながら作った最後の焼きが、今までで一番良くて、本当に嬉しかった。カップはいつもお世話になっているmomosanのところへ。ただ、今回はMartino Gamperのエキシビジョンに併設されたポップアップショップ。また違う人の目に触れるので怖いが、とってもありがたい機会。たくさんの人に気に入ってもらえるといいな。そして、次の焼きも同じように安定したものが出てきてくれるといいな、、、と切実に思うこの頃。


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