A week has passed very quickly. We had the hottest day of this year (for me) on Wednesday and finally I felt like summer here.

Last Sunday we went to 'towpath' the cafe on Regent canal towpath. They had expanded and have an open kitchen next to it (also picnic bench next to it). we saw some people having 'artichoke with lemon butter' which is a whole artichoke steamed or boiled and served with sauce of melted butter (I'm assuming). I was very curious but had to have something more filling. I had 'sweetcorn chowder and cornbread'. It was lovely! The chowder full of fresh ingredient was flavoured with cumin and the bread would be baked in the kitchen too.
It was a beautiful day and I felt like being in south Italy or somewhere. The woman (the owner I assumed) is very beautiful with smile like the sun with lovely background of a brick bridge over the canal and the trees. People were enjoying their own time chatting with friends, reading a book or watching cyclists and people strolling. We saw a dog swimming in the canal while its owner was walking along it. The Jack Russel looked like enjoying the exercise a lot.

I had a half-day-off on the hot Wednesday and went to swimming with my friend at a lido in London Fields: the nearest pool. It was packed with people at 11am already. We managed to achieve 1km in a 50m swimming pool and enjoyed the sunshine on a terrace (with a cafe) next to it. We stayed there only for two hours but got lovely suntan. It was another fabulous day followed with lunch at a Georgian cafe and ice cream at Hackney City Farm.
I was almost spending the rest of the day in a park but somehow managed to go back and made some more plates. I will have two glazes in the new series: tin white glaze and green transparent glaze. I made another mould while I was waiting for delivery of glaze materials. I will try it when it's dry in the coming week. I hope it will make good olive bowls.


日曜日はRegent Canal沿いにあるカフェ、towpathに行ってきました。カフェはキッチンを横に備え付け、品数は少ないものの料理も出すようになっていました。何人かのお客さんが、アーティチョークを蒸したか茹でたかしたものに、溶けたバターのソースがついてきたものを食べていたので、とても興味をそそられたのですが、私には野菜一種では一食になる気がしなかったので、スイートコーンチャウダーにコーンブレッドと言うトウモロコシの粉を使って甘く焼かれたパンと一緒に出されたものを頂きました。スープはクミンで風味つけされていて、コーンもパプリカも一緒に入っているのに、どちらもちゃんと食感が残されていて、すごくおいしかったです。

その後、グルジアカフェでランチを食べ、Hackney City Farmでアイスクリームを食べ、疲れと満腹感から午後は公園で寝っ転がっていようと思ったのですが、なぜかスタジオに戻り、お皿作りを続けました。陽気のおかげで石膏型もしっかり乾いていて、作業も進みました。

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